A few days ago someone came to my home to power wash the exterior of the house. He was super nice, real young, and his business was just 2 weeks old. 

I asked to pray over him and his new power washer … yes, to bless the business. 

Well. I’m an idiot. 

I prayed AFTER he had the machine on for over an hour and I put my hand directly ON the hot motor. 

Even though I burned my hand … I kept on praying as if nothing had happened. 

He was instantly healed of constant anxiety that he’s had since he was a kid, and his business was blessed. 

Here’s the thing. 

How bad do you want to be a blessing? 

How bad do you want God to bless you so you can be a blessing? 

Our inheritance in Christ is to go get Abraham what was promised to him. Nations. Multitudes. Numbers as vast as the stars and grains of sand. 

Folks. We have to want it, and we have to pursue it with all we have. I’m sorry. But the kingdom won’t build itself. You build it, and He will come.

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