Sin is the fruit of unbelief

There are only 2 sin payment plans. Pre paid by Jesus in full at the cross, or "pay as you go" with repentance and confession.  

1.  The way gracists deal with sin is to say all sin is put away and ALL are saved.  

2.  The way legalists deal with sin is to say we must continually repent to keep 👉 ourselves clean.  

Peeps. The truth is somewhere in the middle.  

Yes, we repent (Hebrew: Teshuva) - by turning towards Him from our own heart and inner most being. Yes, heart felt repentance is a powerful weapon for breaking off demonic accusations of our own 👉👉 unbelief. Yes, repentance brings our relationship with God back into alignment.  

YES, repentance is a daily lifestyle!  

But. ALL sin had been upon the flesh of Jesus, once! Sin has been put away (Hebrews 9:25-28). 

Folks. ALL in the Greek means …. ALL. 😅  

YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW. Jesus doesn't jump on and off the cross each time we mess up. He entered heaven - once, for ALL.  

BUT. No, NOT all are saved.  

Upon BELIEF, just like Abraham, the payment Jesus made is credited back to US as His righteousness or right standing (Romans 4:20-25; Galatians 2:6).  

Peeps. Saying sorry over and over doesn't cleanse us. The cross did. 

1. How else would you know that you've been forgiven?  

2. How else would unconfessed sin be covered? 

3. How else could we pass away without saying sorry for things that we missed?  

4. How else could we die unexpectedly without full confession and get a pass to heaven?  

Simple truth. We are separated from God by our own unbelief, not by our sin. Sin is paid for, our unbelief is not. In fact, sin itself is the FRUIT of our unbelief:

Anything not done in faith is sin - Romans 14:23 

The good we know to do and don’t do is sin - James 4:17 

All wrongdoing is sin. Therefore anything done wrong because we don’t believe right …. is sin. 1 John 5:17

Friends. Sin has been dealt with, but the thorns and thistles (weeds or unbelief) inside the heart will always need regular lawn care.

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