The Sin Thing

Sin in the OT Hebrew is ḥāṭā. Verb.

Sin in the NT Greek is hamartia. Noun.

Forgiveness from the Lord of OT sin in the Hebrew are both nāśā and sālǎḥ. Verbs.

Forgiveness from the Lord of NT sin in the Greek is aphesis. Noun.

Do you see it??

“For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission (aphesis: noun) of sins (hamartia: noun).” Matthew 26:28

Sin is no longer an action (verb) and no longer forgiven as an action by the sole Grantor. Both sin AND the forgiveness of sin are NOUNS - sin is a thing!

Forgiveness of sin has already been granted, it’s a thing that we receive.

But. Sin is also a thing that flows from deep within the heart of man — yes, it’s the fruit of unbelief.

Bitter heartsets 
Faulty thoughts 
Rotten attitudes 
Crooked beliefs 
Deep negative emotions

These iniquities of the heart are things.

And these terrible things destroy destinies. They ultimately block what The Lord wants to do through us.

Let go of those things.

The Lord just wants us to believe from the heart, and deeply trust Him to work everything out.

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