Some people don’t like the word “revival” because you can’t revive what never died. They’d cite core truths that the Holy Spirit has never left us, has always resided within us, and has always desired to do exactly what’s being done. 

Me. I don’t mind the word revival because The Holy Spirit isn’t the One being revived …. the heart of man is. 

Our passion. 
Our hunger. 
Our focus. 
Our desire. 
Our purpose. 
Our understanding. 

Me. Not only am I ok with the word revival, I use the word reformation. 


I desire to see the global revival happening within the heart of man lead us into a pure transformation or reformation of how we do faith and church. 

Yes. A tangible place of radical faith; inclusion; spiritual growth and influence for ALL; honor; love; hope; the overwhelming Presence of God; a pure focus on the Person of Jesus as opposed to self, agenda, narrative, and works; miracles being the norm; and healthy doctrine. 

Yes. The church truly active and alive as the literal body of Christ. Peeps. Revival and reformation are both here. Embrace change.

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