The place of your greatest stronghold will absolutely be the place of your greatest breakthrough … yes, to bless and provide for others. 

Just ask Joseph, SUDDENLY promoted from the jailed pit to 2nd in charge. This promotion saved all…

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As a confession, I am living proof that it’s never too late to step into destiny. 

I was saved at 24, began to attend church at age 30, and until I was 45 years old … I read the Bible…

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Releasing from Heaven

In regards to prayer, intercession, and healing, I’d like to share a unique perspective.

As a believer, from a place of faith, you have the authority AND power to operate in healing from your union in Christ, or your within.…

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Saved to the Uttermost

II love this verse, and The Lord had me spend some time with it today. 

“Consequently, he (Jesus) is able to save (sōzō) to the uttermost (eis) those who 👉 draw near to God through him (Jesus), since he…

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Blind Bartimaeus

Blind Bartimaeus only had one source of income … that as a public beggar. Blind Bart also only had one inner identity, that as a handicapped person. 

But when Blind Bart heard Jesus in the crowd, his soul was filled…

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From the belly of deep belief:

We rest in His perfect love. 
We rest in His peace. 
We rest in His strength. 
We rest in His promises. 
We rest in His word. 
We rest in His goodness. 
We rest in…

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Wage Warfare

If The Lord has ever given you a prophetic dream, vision, or image within your own heart … this is a powerful word for you (and for me too).

Joseph had 2 strong prophetic dreams (Genesis 37:1-11), and when he…

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Heads Up

At school early doing my daily walking. Was walking full speed (about 4 MPH) had my head down reading the sports section of the NY Post, and walked straight into a shut metal fire door.

Bounced off the door hard…

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Old Covenant Wealth

When I was entrenched in the Grace movement, there were many social media and in person “teachers” who believed there wasn’t much value in the books of the old covenant.

They were far too focused on NT grace, freedom from…

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My Last Thought

About 6 weeks ago I should have died. There’s no way around it.

I had 2 giant pieces of salted caramel sticky fudge stuff. I was in a big hurry. Didn’t chew well.

The first piece got stuck in my…

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Escape Plan

If the rapture is your escape plan, let’s see what Jesus says, 

“I do NOT ask that you take them out of the world, but that you KEEP them from the evil one. 16 They are not of the world,…

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My Easter Thoughts

So, here are my real thoughts on Easter. Hope you are sitting.

It doesn’t matter to me if Easter, the Easter Bunny, and the egg hunts are pagan or not - that isn’t the issue for me. It really isn’t…

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