Glory Up On Ahead

Can’t believe I’m posting this. I really can’t. 

In the coming days ahead you are going to need a fresh faith with a clear identity of who God says He is and who He says you are. You will…

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Humility: Single Mindedness

Operating as a son or daughter from a place of pride is double mindedness and is destined to fail from the start. 


Because it’s a mixed position of focus on both self and God. 

Success in…

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Mountain Move! 

Had a major revelation today while out walking. This blows my mind. 

Jesus cursed the fig tree and it withered in full from the roots in 24 hours. Yes. The disciples began to see the tree wither immediately…

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Count the Cost

Folks, the real cost of the gospel is selflessness. That's not a question, it's a statement of Truth. 

You died, been made alive, and you now don't belong to you (Col 3:3, Romans 7:1-4). We are commanded (1 John…

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Life in Exile

So. You think you have it bad? Check this. 

In 605 BC the Babylonians sacked the first Jewish temple and destroyed Jerusalem. 940,000 people associated w the temple were killed - priests, high officials, members of the Sanhedrin, maidens…

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New Heart

I gave my heart to Jesus?? No, not quite. 

Technically, Jesus has given to me His OWN heart. 

In Christ, I am a new creation with the throngs of His heart. I didn't give up me, no -…

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Wholeness Restored

I had a dead language expert friend of mine (Shawn Guenther) clarify Isaiah 53:5b in the Hebrew. 

Here is the verse: 
Isaiah 53:5b ESV 
"Upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are…

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Get Ready

Right before the Israelites were to be delivered from Pharaoh - there was the first Passover dinner. Each household offered a lamb - drained its blood - and then ate the flesh of the roasted animal. 

But ... 

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Believe Deeper

Don't believe harder, believe deeper. 

Believe not with the rounded corners of your human mind, but instead within the deep recesses of your heart and DNA. 

The deeper you believe, the deeper your impact will be on those…

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The Belly of Belief

From the belly of deep belief: 

We rest in His perfect love. 
We rest in His peace. 
We rest in His strength. 
We rest in His promises. 
We rest in His word. 
We rest in His goodness. 
We rest…

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Universalism: Go Figure

Had a mental image of Peter being hung upside down on the cross by his feet. Feet spread wide apart, one foot on each side where the arms of Christ had been. 

Picture that in your mind’s eye. 

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The Power of Upon

There are so many differing viewpoints over “when” believers become filled with The Holy Spirt. Honestly, I think much of this is because 👉 everyone is right! No, seriously. I think we all have a piece of the puzzle, simply…

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