Does anyone else wish there was a book of the gospel written in bullet points?

So. Here we go ....


  • You died with Christ. Old you, gone!
  • You were raised from the dead with Christ.
  • You are a new creation in Christ, you don’t belong to you.
  • You and Jesus are One. United as spirit forever.
  • You ascended to heaven with Christ.
  • You are not your sin, you are His son or daughter.
  • You are seated on a throne in heaven in Christ, yes now.
  • You are here to co labor and co build the kingdom.
  • You are empowered by grace to live exactly as Christ did. 
  • You are fully supplied because you are fully His. 
  • You will never spiritually die again, you live now and forever.
  • You cannot lose salvation, nor any other kingdom gift.
  • Bad things happen, you are still above it all.
  • You are hard wired as a new creation to operate with His giftings. 
  • You have peace with God, and God’s peace flows thru you.

Be Jesus to those who need Jesus.