My Last Thought

About 6 weeks ago I should have died. There’s no way around it.

I had 2 giant pieces of salted caramel sticky fudge stuff. I was in a big hurry. Didn’t chew well.

The first piece got stuck in my throat, while the second one being chewed was ALREADY on the way down to my throat.

They were both firmly wedged.

Couldn’t get any air. 
Couldn’t talk. 
Nobody home.

I turned to my dog and in my head I was like “hey, dog could you help?”

And. I knew my son would be home in an hour. I knew he’d be the first to see my dead body.

I knew I only had a few seconds left of air. I had several thoughts, and none of them scary. And. If my last thought could have been recorded, as I looked around the kitchen, that exact thought was, “well, this sucks.”

I had complete peace. Total peace.

Yet. Out of nowhere, like being on a rope, the clog was SUDDENLY ripped out of my throat and into my stomach.

I know that I know it was an angel. You can’t convince me otherwise.

God didn’t orchestrate the problem, but He orchestrated the solution.

And in that moment, my heart was tested to show MYSELF that what I teach I truly believe.

I know who I belong to. 
I know I have no reason to fear. 
I know what awaits me when I go.

I trust Him. I really do.

This event was terrible, and many do die this way, but it has greatly blessed me.

And. It’s made me even bolder.

See Hebrews 11:17; Psalm 105:17-19

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