Leaving the 99: Forsaking Religion for the Treasure of Heaven

For too long most popular Christian teaching has focused on either God's kindness or God's severity ... when The Lord is in fact both! “Note then the kindness and the severity of God” (Romans 11:22).

This focus on one extreme attribute of God at the expense of the other has brought into the church deceptiveness in the form of legalism (rules, performance based works, tradition, religiosity, and self-righteousness) and false gracism (all are saved, The Lord does everything for us without our participation, no obedience to The Lord is necessary, no judgment, no devil, no hell, no return of Christ, et cetera).

Yet, in this new season, teaching will come from the middle place that honors both extreme attributes of God – His kindness and His severity.

In that new balanced ground of doctrinal teaching, the double portion inheritance will come to the forefront. From the place of deep surrender to The Lord, the “inheritance rights of the first born” will bring great supernatural riches and our full inheritance in covenant with Christ. To purchase please click. 



Deeper: Insights to Simplify Theology and Fuel Your Faith

In June of 2019, I came home from the last day of the school year ready for summer break. As I walked into the house my wife stopped me, stared at me, and said, "Alan, God wants you to go deeper!" It wasn't criticism, and I knew it was God. 

Over the course of that summer vacation there were daily revelations about things I had just never considered - and those revelations about God's truths are still coming today! 

My previous book, Dashboard Buttons, is meant to steer you into possibility and true identity in Christ. Whereas this project spans deep theological content that has been made simple. Why simple? Because that is the only way I am able to understand it! Truly, I'm sharing with you what was made simple for my benefit! 

It sounds odd to say, but current me wishes I had this book as a resource when I began my faith journey. I sincerely pray the breadth, scope, and simplicity of this compilation of work fuels your faith as much as it has mine. click for purchase

Dashboard Buttons EXTENDED EDITION: Insights and Encouragement to Embolden Your Faith

Synopsis: Sometimes we buy a car and forget to find out what the buttons on the dashboard do. The buttons are there, yet we fail to ask for clarity how to use them! It's the same with salvation. We have so much within us factory on board equipped, but we rarely seek out understanding of the authority we hold in Christ. 

It’s funny how we awaken to what is ALREADY true about our identity in Christ. Coming out of Judaism in 1991, it took me 25 more years to figure out the awesome things that come with our salvation. Yet, no matter how long it took me to get there, what I discovered as true ... was always true! In short, His Truth > Our Process. 

As a compilation of well over 130 Facebook blog posts soaked with insight and encouragement, Dashboard Buttons is an excellent tool to help the reader find critical agreement with what Jesus says about us.

Yes, the goal of this book ... is to literally help you find and push your own buttons! Purchase here ...

Blind: One Man's Journey of Thought 

Christmas lights and spectacular decorations everywhere! Santa Claus! Elves! Reindeer! Christmas trees! I mean, even Frosty the Snowman, Father Time, and Jack Frost were in on the holiday action. So, what does a young Jewish boy do when he sees all this cool stuff and he doesn’t celebrate Christmas? Well, he asks his Jewish mother one of the most important questions that he will ever ask … “Mom, what is the difference between Jewish people and Christians?”

My mother had the most AMAZING non-religious answer, “Jews believe the Messiah is still coming, and Christians believe that the Messiah has already come.” Wow! She nailed it! Yet, over many teen and adult years my insides wanted a better answer.

As a young man I began to think with sheer reckless abandon. I needed an answer. I needed to know. My insides desired the truth and I dared to ask the hard questions. At 47 years old, I now write down this 25 year journey of my own thinking – and oh man what a journey it has been! Is He? Isn’t He? Could He be Messiah? My insides now have an honest answer. Click for purchase.