Elephant Brigade

In this season, The Lord is shaking the hearts of His people in order to bring mass transformation into the image (soul) of Jesus (2 Cor 3:18; Romans 8:29). The Lord is building an end time army, the hearts of sons and daughters are being shook in order to begin the fulfillment of great revival, harvest, and nations coming to Jesus (Isaiah 61:1-11; Zephaniah Chapter 3; Joel Chapter 3). 

By faith the heart contains the very presence of Christ (Eph 3:16-19), and from our inner being (belly) all we do flows directly through the heart (Proverbs 4:23; Proverbs 20:27).

Truly, things will continue to shake until the hearts of His people are UNSHAKEABLE. Yes, what will remain within the hearts of this new army ... will be the unshakeable ... that of The Spirit. 

Simply put, The Lord is paving the way for much power to flow through His sons and daughters.

Just like Noah's Ark that came to rest on a mountaintop, The Lord is shaping and preparing the heart of man to be the unshakeable resting place for His own Spirit (Psalm 125:1).

Yet, even deeper. Within the Lord's army, He is raising up an Elephant Brigade

Elephants are loyal; wise; highly intelligent; confident; brave; compassionate; group/herd orientated; filled with deep self-awareness and complex emotions; fast growing; and they are the largest land mammal on the face of the earth. 

Jesus was an elephant.

From childhood Jesus grew quickly, became strong, and was filled with wisdom (Luke 2:40). In fact, after the water baptism, Jesus went into the desert full of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1) and returned in POWER of The Spirit (Luke 4:14). Yes, even Jesus grew into His own power and purpose.

At birth elephants weigh over 300 pounds, and grow up to 1,000 pounds a year. They grow very quickly. And, we are entering a place in time where those who desire surrender and self sacrifice, will see rapid growth into great power of The Spirit.

In fact, these powerful elephants across the globe will come into focus seemingly from nowhere. Coming out of obscurity, these relatively unknown servants of The Lord have trained and quietly prepared for years outside of the public view. These elephants will be: of all ages; from all types of secular backgrounds; hungry for more of God and seeking the kingdom at any cost; and a balanced doctrinal teaching will emerge. 

For too long most popular Christian teaching has focused on either God's kindness or God's severity ... when The Lord is in fact both.

"Note then the kindness and the severity of God: severity toward those who have fallen, but God’s kindness to you, provided you continue in his kindness. Otherwise you too will be cut off." Romans 11:22

This focus on one extreme attribute of God at the expense of the other has brought deceptiveness in the form of legalism (rules, performance based works, religiosity, self-righteousness, and ritual) and gracism (all are saved, God does everything for us, no obedience necessary, no judgment, no Devil, no hell, etc).

Yet, in this new season teaching will come from the middle place, honoring both of these extreme attributes of God. And in that balanced ground of teaching, the double portion inheritance will come to the forefront.  As sons and daughters, the double portion inheritance will bring: great supernatural riches; our promised full inheritance in Christ; and the rise of the elephant.

Friends, the massive power of these elephants will shake the earth and the heart of man ... and nations will come to Jesus.

*If you are interested in The Lord's Elephant Brigade, please see the 2 part audio teachings and set of notes on this page for more information.* 

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