Coming Out of The Closet (Again)

POSTED TO FACEBOOK: April 18th 2019

Yep. My THIRD time battling fear and coming out of the closet. 

First, in 2004 I came out as a believer in Jesus to my Jewish family. Second, in 2013 I came out as a gracist preacher in a legalistic church. Third, here in 2019 coming out as having a gift of healing. 

20 years ago when my wife was very, very pregnant, her back was in a lot of pain. I was laying in bed and I saw a blue light energy wrap itself around my hands. I walked over to her - touched her back - and she was immediately healed. 

Well. Aside from one time a few years back waking up a little girl from a coma, I hadn’t thought much of it until the last 6 months or so. I simply began desiring to see people set free, and wanting God to use me in greater ways. 

It seems to me that it took 20 years for my faith, heart, and humility to catch up with my hands. 

Anyhow. The last few months have been insane.

Simply praying God’s own written message BACK to the Living Message (Jesus) over His own people - I’ve seen: 

Backs, necks, legs, feet, toes, fingers, hips, arms, shoulders, ribs, and ankles all snap right back into place.

I've also seen people healed of pneumonia, bronchitis, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, a frozen uterus, tinnitus, a dead tooth, tooth pain, COVID-19, dementia, ehler danlos syndrome, slipped and fused discs, knots in the body, paralysis of limbs, pre fontal lobe dysfunction, brain fog, chronic pains in chest and arms, ear infections and ear blockages, waning eyesight, infections in the body, thyroid issues, low diabetic sugar levels, allergies, concussion, scoliosis, a benign brain tumor that vanished, a limp shoulder that had NO attached ligaments, knees and hips missing cartilage, torn rotator cuffs, stomach fibroids and pains, addiction, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuropathy, and even one person who had a broken wrist and she had the fracture 100% disappear. 

And .... I've seen the rebuke of much much much much much demonic oppression. 

So. Given the miraculous. Why the fear? 

I have no idea how people across my life (work, church, friends, family, etc) will respond to this, AND I work 12 hour school days where I simply am unable to answer messages on texts, PM, or social media. No idea how this plays out. 


I refuse to allow fear to put me in a closet or corner. 

Mark 16:17-20 says it's my right as a believer to kick out darkness, to bask in supernatural protection, and to heal the sick. Well, I claim that right! So. I simply throw caution to the wind, giving this over to God because nothing is more fun than being a SON

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