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Lawn Mower Parents

Lawn mower parents mow the tall grass in front of the their kids. In a false idea of love, they make sure the kids never meet any kind of resistance. 

In doing so, these kiddos have a very hard time…

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Parable of the 10 Virgins

I saw someone post that the parable of the 10 virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) is indisputable proof a saved believer can lose their salvation. The person posting this verse was making the point that 5 foolish “believing” virgins (who had their…

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The Seal

This has just fried my brain. I’m dumbfounded.

Do we agree that Jesus is eternal? 
Do we agree that Jesus cannot lose His salvation?
Do we agree that The Father cannot lose Jesus?

“For on him God the Father has…

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Ascended Life

I love proper grace teaching. 

True grace is freeing because it destroys condemnation, shame, self-righteousness, and all self-reliance. Grace is full supply for the surrendered heart and His grace empowers us in every way to be just like Jesus. 


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True Grace

Understanding true grace is critical because grace grows, supplies, and empowers us to do the will of God.

But, the false grace camp twists grace into something that’s solely about our identity in Christ and into teaching that rejects the…

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More Wine and Oil

The key to multiplication and the more of The Lord is doing whatever He tells you, with whatever you have available.

Wedding at Cana: His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” John 2:5

The Widow’s Olive…

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Over the years a bunch of people have called me a Calvinist when it comes to the things of salvation. I’ve never really understood the commentary …. because it really makes no sense. 😬

Calvinism teaches that man has no…

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From Faith for Faith

Friends, you and I got eternally saved FOREVER the moment we believed from our HEART (Romans 10:10) - we are saved from His grace through the faith that we responded to. 

Our spirit being renewed or born again, is called…

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The Moral Law

Uber legalists will tell you the Torah and the Law of 613 are for today. And false gracists will tell you that there is NO law on this side of the cross. Both sides get very angry when these views…

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Many grace people come out of religion so anti-religion, that they make “works” their enemy instead of understanding that the works of the devil (1 John 3:8) is their actual enemy. You’d think that being so against religion, they’d at…

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By Faith

*  Enoch wasn't Jewish, but walked with God so deep - he went home to heaven and never actually died!

* Job wasn’t Jewish, but was saved because he believed God.

* Noah wasn’t Jewish, yet Noah was spared because…

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Twisted Scripture

This stuff really irks me, to the point I might need a break from FB. Here is an example of how the gospel gets twisted as a false narrative. The lies get more and more creative. 🤬🤢🤮

I recently saw…

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The Saguaro Cactus

This week in Arizona I learned about the Saguaro cactus ... in this pic you can see many of them in the distance.

BUT. Only ONE seed in 500 MILLION seeds dispersed across the desert landscape actually SURVIVES to become…

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The Now

If you really think about this, it will fry your brain. This is based off a conversation I had with a good friend from the house church who was hearing right then from The Lord.

Think of this, The Lord…

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New Testament Giving

Is The 10% Tithe Biblical:

A couple times a year, I like to remind people of this. 

The OT tithe was 23.3% (see ref below). 
The OT tithe was crops/food (not money). 
The OT tithe was for landowners ONLY! …

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Honoring The Jewish Feasts and Holidays

During the Jewish holidays I get asked a lot about how we should best honor the feasts and traditions of the Old Covenant. Friend. The Old Covenant rituals are a mere shadow of the substance of Christ. “These are a…

Elijah and Kingdom Assignments

If you’ve ever been hated, threatened, harassed, misunderstood, bullied, controlled, or been afraid of someone’s remarks or thoughts about you …. this condensed story of 1 Kings 19 is for you. 

Elijah operated in great power, saw the miraculous, and…

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Judas and Thanatos

“Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste DEATH (thanatos) until they SEE the Son of Man coming (returning) in his kingdom.” Matthew 16:28

Regarding individuals “NOT tasting death” - I’ve had many universalists…

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Yes. I believe impartation is a real thing. I’ve received that way too many times to discount it, and I’ve prayed for others receiving too many times as well.

But. I’ve never had a verse to confidently point to and…

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The Unpardonable Sin

Hey. Can YOU be guilty of the unpardonable sin?

First, let me tell you why the answer to this question is so very important. I’ve met many people who have had relatives commit suicide because they thought they were eternally…

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On this day of celebrating freedom, remember, your true reality isn’t what you can SEE in the physical or natural. 🙂

Your true reality is ONLY what GOD HIMSELF has said to you from the spirit.

If The Holy Spirit…

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Prepare The Way

Many look to world events and say the Lord is coming back at any moment. ❤️

So. What role do WE play in His return?

Well. The prophet Isaiah paints clear pictures of both Messiah’s first and second arrivals.


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All Knowing

The older I get. And the more The Lord reveals Himself and ways to me, the more I realize that The Lord truly IS indeed all knowing. 😂   Seriously, Holy Spirit will show me little tiny things about me, my… Read more

The Open Wounds

Last summer a prophet friend of mine sent me a text about a vision she had of me. A little bit freaked out, she explained she had seen the flesh covering my entire body …. burned to a crisp! Yep…

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