From Faith for Faith

Friends, you and I got eternally saved FOREVER the moment we believed from our HEART (Romans 10:10) - we are saved from His grace through the faith that we responded to. 

Our spirit being renewed or born again, is called justification - it's our legal salvation. You've become eternal.

Yet, FROM the very faith that brought us our legal salvation (wholeness), we must move TO a faith that brings our MORAL wholeness - the sanctification of our soul. 

As we awaken to who we are and the Truth of the cross, the right standing (righteousness) of God is revealed IN us FIRST by the Spirit and then is revealed IN us by the Spirit THROUGH our soul and moral character.

We must move from one faith to the other faith, for we must not only be saved by grace through faith - but we need to live from that faith as well. 

You can be saved, and still miss everything The Lord has for you. 

For in it the righteousness of God is revealed FROM faith FOR faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17

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