Alan Caplin was born and raised in a Reform Jewish home in Baldwin, New York – and like all good little Jewish boys do – was bar mitzvahed in 1981. At the time, Alan held zero belief in God, mocked that people were nuts for thinking He was real, and would sneak a little radio into temple to listen to Giants football games during service.

In fact, he freely admits that the personal choice to become a “bar mitzvah” was more about the big cash payout and the fancy party rather than honoring God or making some sort of a spiritual pledge (want a good laugh, you've got the read the book) .

Yet God does seriously have a crazy sense of humor, because today it is Alan’s life commitment to truly live his life as a bar mitzvah – which literally means “son of the commandment” in Hebrew. There is nothing more important for Alan than serving Yeshua (Jesus) … and teaching people about the truth of the cross and the power we hold in His mighty name.

Patience Bears Fruit

Alan Caplin’s testimony is rather long winded (and a little comical, again see the book), but the short answer is practical. Keep investing your time in the lost, even when you think there just won’t be any fruit from your efforts. A born again friend of Alan’s was patient, kind, loving, and invested both time and truth in him. This person’s patience had created deep curiosity within Alan and intense desire to research, dig, and find the truth at all costs. She never gave up, and God never gave up … and in turn, Alan will never give up on sharing truth and reaching out to the lost.

Alan and his wife Lori moved to Dallas, Texas in 1991, where Alan has spent nearly 30 years working as an educator and school counselor. Alan and Lori have one son, Maxwell … who rocks out on the guitar, loves The Lord with all his heart, and is a really good kid!


Boston University
Boston, MA
BSBA: Finance 1990

Lesley College
Cambridge, MA
M.ED Education, 1991

University of North Texas
on, TX
M.ED School Counseling, 2000

Ordained Minister
Greenville, Ohio True Life Church, 2020

Member of Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

Member of A.R.M.I. (Association of Related Ministries International)