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Christmas lights and spectacular decorations everywhere! Santa Claus! Elves! Reindeer! Christmas trees! I mean, even Frosty the Snowman, Father Time, and Jack Frost were in on the holiday action. So, what does a young Jewish boy do when he sees all this cool stuff and he doesn’t celebrate Christmas? Well, he asks his Jewish mother one of the most important questions that he will ever ask … “Mom, what is the difference between Jewish people and Christians?”

My mother had the most AMAZING non-religious answer, “Jews believe the Messiah is still coming, and Christians believe that the Messiah has already come.” Wow! She nailed it! Yet, over many teen and adult years my insides wanted a better answer.

As a young man I began to think with sheer reckless abandon. I needed an answer. I needed to know. My insides desired the truth and I dared to ask the hard questions. At 47 years old, I now write down this 25 year journey of my own thinking – and oh man what a journey it has been! Is He? Isn’t He? Could He be Messiah? My insides now have an honest answer. 

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