The Now

If you really think about this, it will fry your brain. This is based off a conversation I had with a good friend from the house church who was hearing right then from The Lord.

Think of this, The Lord sits outside time. The universe, along with time itself, sits in His own hands (Isaiah 40:12).

Imagine yourself holding a tennis ball in your right hand …… you stand completely outside of it. That’s how God views both the universe and time.

Time is a construct that has been designed for earth and humanity. And, at the end of time - after the devil and his agents are forever put away in the lake of fire - the heavens and earth will be rolled up like a dirty garment and replaced with the things of eternity (Hebrews 1:11-12).

In that place of eternity, there will be NO measurement of time. None. Zip.

So. Each and every moment will be about the NOW. Yes, there will be no past, no future - only the eternal moment you are currently in.

THAT’s how we need to live, here!

From rest. From the now. From peace. From the very moment we are in.

We don’t focus on what was or what will be. Rather, we fix ourselves on our place in the present moment of Jesus now, today. Rest, peace, and living from the now - is everything.

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