Lawn Mower Parents

Lawn mower parents mow the tall grass in front of the their kids. In a false idea of love, they make sure the kids never meet any kind of resistance. 

In doing so, these kiddos have a very hard time growing while in adversity, and never gain any confidence in who they are. The smallest bit of struggle, and they fall apart. 

They don’t know how to fight for what is important, and they surely have a hard time standing up for much of anything. 

On this Easter, thank the Lord that He loves you so very much that you’ve been trained by fire and are ready for everything. 

The devil is real, yet Jesus has overcome the enemy and his works. Yes. You’ve gotten to experience what you are called to put an end to. ❤️

Love doesn’t enable. Rather perfect love casts out all fear and trains you up in the image of The Lion of Judah. 

Despite death, Jesus has been resurrected, and so have you. 

“Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted (by the devil).” 2 Tim 3:12 added by the devil.

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