As a confession, I am living proof that it’s never too late to step into destiny. 

I was saved at 24, began to attend church at age 30, and until I was 45 years old … I read the Bible once in a while and didn’t really enjoy reading it. 

I loved The Lord, but was in that place of being fed from the messages at the pulpit believing that was sufficient for me. Worse, I was thinking the lie within myself that I understood the gospel well enough.

Other than the Bible, I had read lots and lots of books, and being written from a lense of legalism all the books did for me was confirm what was being preached and taught in church. 

Honestly. What changed at 45 was that I myself began preaching and teaching. I began realizing the great accountability I had to teach what was true. I began to realize the enormity of being accountable and as accurate as possible. Yes. I truly do fear The Lord. 

Also, I didn’t really begin to see healing consistently until I was 49. 

I’m now 55 years old. 

The things I know, understand, and experience … is all relatively recent. Yet. The difference between the old Alan and the new Alan is a hunger to: know God; understand the ways of God and how the kingdom works; and to see people set free. 

I don’t believe I’m late. I do believe I’m right on time. And no matter your story … it’s not too late. 

Just start.

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