False Grace (Again)

Yeah. I’m beating the false grace drum again. 

Many teachers in the false grace camp will tell you that obedience isn’t necessary. Or that The Lord doesn’t test our faith (James 1:2). Or, that we don’t need to grow into…

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Mentors Needed

Jesus didn’t just have compassion on people because they were hungry or needed to be healed. He also had compassion because they weren’t being TAUGHT

The Jewish people were like sheep without a shepherd … because the Pharisees didn’t…

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You Died

On the whole the church teaches stuff all kinds of backwards. As an example, this verse hit me hard today.    “For one who has died has been set free from sin.” Romans 6:7   We love to teach about sin, but… Read more

Say It Again

We have this false notion that if we pray once or twice and that if we don't see immediate results .... we tell ourselves that God isn't going to answer that prayer.

The truth is that we KEEP coming at…

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Why do we take communion? Here’s the why. 

Jesus took the 2nd death (thanatos) for us so we can have life to the full here, now, and forever. Yes. This victory over the grave and eternal death, assures us victory…

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Fiery Trials

Some of the “progressive” grace teaching makes me nuts. Many grace people want to say that God doesn’t test our faith or that our character doesn’t go through a refiners fire. 

Check this out. 

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Being disciplined isn’t fun, and it isn’t easy. Discipline from the Lord is learning to do things counter to the current way you are doing them. It’s training the soul to yield or default to the spirit instead of to… Read more

Lawn Mower Parents

Lawn mower parents mow the tall grass in front of the their kids. In a false idea of love, they make sure the kids never meet any kind of resistance. 

In doing so, these kiddos have a very hard time…

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Parable of the 10 Virgins

I saw someone post that the parable of the 10 virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) is indisputable proof a saved believer can lose their salvation. The person posting this verse was making the point that 5 foolish “believing” virgins (who had their…

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The Seal

This has just fried my brain. I’m dumbfounded.

Do we agree that Jesus is eternal? 
Do we agree that Jesus cannot lose His salvation?
Do we agree that The Father cannot lose Jesus?

“For on him God the Father has…

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Ascended Life

I love proper grace teaching. 

True grace is freeing because it destroys condemnation, shame, self-righteousness, and all self-reliance. Grace is full supply for the surrendered heart and His grace empowers us in every way to be just like Jesus. 


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True Grace

Understanding true grace is critical because grace grows, supplies, and empowers us to do the will of God.

But, the false grace camp twists grace into something that’s solely about our identity in Christ and into teaching that rejects the…

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