Heads Up

At school early doing my daily walking. Was walking full speed (about 4 MPH) had my head down reading the sports section of the NY Post, and walked straight into a shut metal fire door.

Bounced off the door hard. Hurt like crazy. Even rammed my eyeglasses into the door.

Like always, there’s a spiritual application.

This life isn’t just about the spiritual walk with God, it’s about watching where you are going BY the Spirit.

Distraction brings destruction to the flesh and the path itself.

Distraction with Delilah destroyed Samson, Peter was distracted by the waves, David was distracted by lust, the disciples were distracted by the desire to conquer Rome, and the distraction of busyness almost cost Martha the presence of Jesus when He was right there with her.

If the devil can’t kill you, he will surely have you bounce off shut doors as he distracts you from what’s rightfully yours. Yes. Shut doors only open from a place of active faith, precious desire, and life breathing obedience.

And. Of course, I need to learn how to walk through doors like Jesus did 😂

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