Ascended Life

I love proper grace teaching. 

True grace is freeing because it destroys condemnation, shame, self-righteousness, and all self-reliance. Grace is full supply for the surrendered heart and His grace empowers us in every way to be just like Jesus. 

In fact, the Bible cannot be properly understood without the lens of grace and God’s goodness. ❤️

But, healthy grace teaching MUST evolve beyond the resurrected life that is free of shame, religion, self, and condemnation. 

Many correctly teach that we’ve been resurrected and made alive together with Christ (Ephesians 2:5; Romans 6:3) but they stop short and fail to teach we’ve not only been resurrected with Christ - but we’ve ascended too. 

Peeps. We weren’t created to live just a resurrected life, we have been created to live an 👉👉👉 ascended life. 

“and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus” Ephesians 2:6

We love to teach a resurrected life that frees us from shame, self reliance, and condemnation, but we fail to teach the ascended life that requires our own full surrender to The Lord along with an active, selfless faith.

“The righteous shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17

There is no ofher way. A believer is called to deploy active faith … for self and ofhers … every day! 

Being free of shame and condemnation is essential for a healthy walk. But, failing to understand that we are NOW seated in heavenly places greatly minimizes our effectiveness in the earth. Beyond religiosity and the hurt of shame …. understanding where we are CURRENTLY SEATED removes all FEAR from the world and others.

By His grace, there is nothing MORE empowering than knowing where you sit. Why? Because you sit above witchcraft, evil, demons, worldly government, presidential elections, sickness, hatred, societal decay, and the fallen, broken earthly system. 

Believe where you sit. Believe WHERE you have influence and dominion from. 

Peeps. Pray from there, the very throne of God, and see your role in the earth expand … by His grace.

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